Album- “Chords & Beryls”

  1. The Honeymoon/Lough Mountain/Love at the Endings REELS
  2. Currants for Cakes, Raisins for Everything/Scatter the Mud/Langstrom’s Pony JIGS
  3. Kitty got a Clinking Coming from the Fair/The Victory FLING/REEL
  4. Loftus Jones
  5. The Humours of Bandon/The Orange Rogue SET DANCES
  6. Tim Maloney/ The Piper’s Despair/The Connacht Heifers REELS
  7. The Harvest Home/The Liverpool Hornpipe HORNPIPES
  8. The Joyous Waltz
  9. The Sheep in the Boat/The Luachrachán’s Jig/The Legacy JIGS
  10. The Fall of Dunboy SET DANCE
  11. Barr na Chuille/The Ballina Lassies/Gorman’s REELS
  12. King of the Pipers/Sean Buí JIGS
  13. The Knotted Chord/Jenny’s Welcome to Charley /Molly Bán REELS