Album – “The Sunny Banks”

The Sunny Banks is a new CD featuring Edel Fox on concertina and fiddle and Neill Byrne on fiddle. On the recording they are joined by 2012 TG4 Young Musician of the Year Caoimhín Ó Fearghail on guitar and bouzouki from Ring, Co. Waterford and Richie Lyons on bodhrán from Co. Cavan. The CD features 16 tracks of old and new compositions from musicians such as Paddy O’Brien, John Dwyer, Tommy Peoples, Charlie Lennon, Finbarr Dwyer, Frank McCollum, Lorna Davey and Edel herself. It has featured in the ‘top ten’ sales of several traditional music shops around the country since its release in July. Many have referred to it as a modern-day classic album of traditional music.


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Praise for “The Sunny Banks”

“It’s impossible not to like The Sunny Banks, and it will probably be in my Top Ten for 2013”

The Irish Music Magazine, September 2013

  “With its faultless, lively playing and range of beautiful tunes, The Sunny Banks is destined to become one of the classic albums of traditional Irish music”

The Living Tradition, August 2013


“The Sunny Banks has within its grooves all the necessary ingredients to lift it into “classic” territory.  It is a supremely confident recording and time will I believe bestow on it the recognition that it commands…. It is without doubt the must-have traditional album of the year”

Tradconnect, August 2013

“Thoroughly steeped in the tradition, Fox and Byrne have that ability found in world-class musicians to go beyond technique and mechanics – and they have quite a lot going for them there – and home in on the grace and beauty of the music they play”

Boston Irish Reporter, September 2013

“This album is nothing short of brilliant, not only due to the duo’s superior musicianship, but also to the chemistry the two share. Each player’s music nests very well with the other’s to create a very warm, very spacious sound”

Dan Neely, Irish Echo

Album- “Chords & Beryls”

  1. The Honeymoon/Lough Mountain/Love at the Endings REELS
  2. Currants for Cakes, Raisins for Everything/Scatter the Mud/Langstrom’s Pony JIGS
  3. Kitty got a Clinking Coming from the Fair/The Victory FLING/REEL
  4. Loftus Jones
  5. The Humours of Bandon/The Orange Rogue SET DANCES
  6. Tim Maloney/ The Piper’s Despair/The Connacht Heifers REELS
  7. The Harvest Home/The Liverpool Hornpipe HORNPIPES
  8. The Joyous Waltz
  9. The Sheep in the Boat/The Luachrachán’s Jig/The Legacy JIGS
  10. The Fall of Dunboy SET DANCE
  11. Barr na Chuille/The Ballina Lassies/Gorman’s REELS
  12. King of the Pipers/Sean Buí JIGS
  13. The Knotted Chord/Jenny’s Welcome to Charley /Molly Bán REELS

Album – Edel Fox & Ronan O’Flaherty

  1. Reels: Martin Wynne’s / Tie the Bonnet / Anderson’s
  2. Jig: The Maid on the Green / The Lost and Found Jig / The Lark in the Morning
  3. Reels: The Bag of Spuds / Lucy Campbell’s / Lillies in the Field
  4. Hop Jig & Reel: Boys of Ballysodare / The Bird in the Bush
  5. Hornpipes: Pol Ha’penny / Peacock’s Feathers
  6. Reels: The Chicago Reel / George White’s
  7. Slides: An Coileach ag Fogairt an Lae / Patsy Geary’s
  8. Jig & Reel: The Connacht Man’s Rambles / The Sligo Maid
  9. Jig & Reels: Gan Ainm / The Man of the House / The Morning Dew
  10. Reel: The Sligo/Leitrim Bucks
  11. Strathspey: The Iron Man
  12. Slip Jigs: Na Ceannabhain Bana / The Whinny Hills of Leitrim
  13. Reels: The Fisherman’s Lilt / The Musical Priest